Self Remix Process

I remixed my first project, Urgency, deciding to call it Nerves this time. I actually changed it around quite a bit, but I did not add very much, with the exception of one (comical) recorded sound effect. Having much more knowledge now than I did at the beginning of the semester, I was able to stray away from only using four measure loops, and actually get creative with this project. I used effects such as delay and compressor, and I experimented with the “reverse” function in a few spots. I have to say, just moving the individual tracks around and changing their entrances and exits caused the piece to have a completely different feel, and I am really happy with how it turned out.

One of the suggestions that I received when I turned in Urgency at the beginning of the semester was that the drum part was too present. Overall, my piece was just too loud. Therefore, I spent some time trying to utilize the drumset track more effectively, breaking it up at times, and eliminating it completely in others. The drum track was not the only track that I made an effort to use more effectively; I also worked a lot with my track entitled “EDM Buildup”. As the name suggests, this time, I focused more on using it to, well, build up the piece. Previously, all of my tracks were just contributors to the cacophony that was my first music tech project, but now, I feel like I utilized each track a lot better.



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