Loop Song Process Documentation

While making my first loop project, I used five different loops, entitled Jazzy Bass, City Synth Bass, Heavy Rock Drums, EDM Build-Up Kick (#3), and Dubstep Bass (#1). I thought it was interesting that most of these loops were considered to be bass sounds, when I found them under all different categories. I used these types of loops based upon the example that I observed in class, but as far as the specific sounds, I really had no reason for picking those, other than the fact that I liked the way that they sounded. For this particular project, I based my structure primarily off of the fact that the project had to be three minutes long. Ergo, I first copied and pasted my tracks until I had a duration of about three minutes, and then, I manipulated each section into a multiple of four measures, since for some reason, groupings of four measures are most pleasing to a listener’s ear (myself included).

I feel that creating music in this fashion is indeed a legitimate form of musical creativity, because it is still a product that one is creating. While the composer may not necessarily be creating every single note in this case, they are still manipulating each track to their liking, with the end goal of creating something of which people will enjoy listening. The way that I look at this, creating electronic music is hardly any different than creating music using traditional notation.


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